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For now, here’s our photo policy:

Taking photos at Club DVS is not permitted.

It’s too easy to take a casual selfie and catch a stranger who doesn’t consent to being in your shot in the background. We respect everyone’s privacy here.

At the door you will be required to allow us to put little stickers on your phone’s cameras to ensure nobody takes any sneaky shots. The stickers aren’t too sticky, and your device won’t be harmed.

Anybody seen without a sticker on their phone will be asked very firmly to prove they have no photos from the event, then to accept stickers on their device or leave immediately.  If your sticker falls off innocently, come ask for another.

On the other hand, if you’re an exhibitionist like most of the crew, you’ll want some photos from the night, right? Well, we got you covered. We have house photographers, some of whom you may know already from scene events, each with their own individual styles.

Our photographers will be easy to spot (they have cameras) and you should feel free to ask any of them for a photo of yourself / your group. They will ensure that nobody accidentally ends up in the shot background, and we will be posting all the night’s photos on our site shortly after each event, and you may use them freely as long as you keep our logo on the photo.

If our photographers are very busy, or if you want a photo but you don’t want it appearing on our site / twitter / etc, you may also ask one of the crew to take a photo or two for you using your phone (after which it will be re-sticker-ed). Lots of us also happen to be great photographers, despite being busied with other things on the night, and we want to make sure you make memories at our events whilst respecting your wishes to not be on our site.

Thank you for your cooperation and respect for everybody’s consent.

Club DVS Team!

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