What is Club DVS?

We are a very friendly, inclusive new fetish event that aims to be a safe haven for all kinksters, fetishists, perverts and BDSM’ers to meet, socialise, hang out, play, learn, share and build positive experiences with each other.  Club DVS is especially good for newbies, first timers and solo attendees, as we have Ambassadors on hand to meet and greet and arrange introductions on the night, to encourage a friendly, social vibe. Our Ambassadors all wear an armband with their scene name clearly visible, feel free to approach then at any point.  Meet the team on our Team page.  We also aim to be an information hub with various tutorials, workshops and classes held early on in the night, as well as occasional informal performances and resident riggers throughout the evening.

Please see the drop down menu under “INFO” for more information on Upcoming Dates, Dress Code, Location, Protocol, Advice for Newbies, Tutorials and Workshops, FAQ’s, Tickets, Contact details, or recommended Links.

We also invite you to join our Mailing List to receive our Newsletter, to keep on top of all the latest happenings and what’s coming up at future events.