DVS Newbies & Veterans Munch

As regular as clockwork – the last Wednesday of each month!

The Newbies & Veterans Munch is run by the super friendly crew at Club DVS, and is open to everyone!  We particularly welcome Newbies looking for a friendly, fun, inclusive and accepting fetish-friendly vanilla-ish non-play event to attend, as well as inviting seasoned players to join and share their knowledge and experience with those who are more than willing and keen to learn.

It’s a great opportunity to meet up mid-week for a drink, some food, and some kinky chat, and get to know your fellow kinksters in a relaxed environment.  It’s also a brilliant networking opportunity in the lead up to Club DVS and LAM (London Alternative Market) which are usually held at the coming weekend (LAM is held in the same venue!) and also Toppers Club which is held on the second Friday of each month – meet and make friends with prospective event attendees so that you already know some people at the events you’re attending!  What a great idea 🙂

This munch is non-cliquey, non-judgemental, super-inclusive, and open to all, regardless of whether you’re fresh out of the box or been around for centuries!  Newbies can very comfortably attend alone, as there are plenty of friendly faces to welcome you… Some of the super friendly Club DVS House Crew are on hand to ensure nobody is left sitting alone and feeling awkward – They will likely be wearing armbands so that you can recognise them.  We have our own completely private area at Revolution BarThe Vault is a private room one floor down from the entry level, you can ask the bar staff on arrival for specific directions, or you can descend one floor to the middle level and follow the “Private Function” signs.

So if all you really have to do is turn up, then what are you waiting for…?



Revolution Bar, Leadenhall
140-144 Leadenhall Street
London EC4V 4QT

DRESS CODE:  Casual, smart casual, business attire. We have our own area but this event is held in a vanilla venue, so there is absolutely NO NUDITY whatsoever.

TIMES:  6pm-11pm.  Arrive between 6pm-7pm to take advantage of the Happy Hour!  You may arrive earlier, one of the event organisers should be on site from roughly 5.30pm.