START TIME:  9.30pm

TICKETS:  Buy online advanced tickets HERE!

HIGHLIGHTS:  Complimentary bubbly and nibbles for those who attend early, as well as informative BDSM Workshops and a Live Performance.  Make sure you arrive early enough if you wish to take advantage of our generosity.  There is also a fully licensed bar with reasonably priced drinks available all night.

DOOR PRIZES:  Come down early to be included in the draw!  Closes at 11pm sharp and the multiple winners are announced at 11pm – straight after the performance.  Prizes this month include an amazing designer butt plug from Babes n Horny, a soap butt plug from Jed Phoenix, a Bottle of Prosecco, a Bottle of Latex Shine from Honour Clothing, and a wartenberg wheel donated by Miss Penelope Dreadful!

MUSIC:  Banging tunes in the bar area couresy of our resident DJ Blu, and more music down in the dungeon.

ROPE AREA:  Resident Riggers with a dedicated area for rope, both floor work and suspensions. Want to learn?  Our Riggers are more than happy to help show you the ropes (pun intended!).

VIOLET WAND AREA:  House Dominant Divine Domino may bring her antique Violet Wand set with her.  We highly recommend trying it out.

DEDICATED DUNGEON/PLAYSPACE:  Dungeon equipped with spanking benches, St Andrews Cross and various other pieces of play furniture, monitored and supervised by our friendly, responsible team of house staff.

BOUDOIR AREA:  For when you need a time out, and later in the night for more intimate moments.

INFORMAL CLOAK ROOM:  Self service cloakroom area.

Master Dominic has an informative chat on what it’s like to attend fetish events, what to expect, the behaviour that is expected from attendees, and an insight into basic BDSM protocol. He then takes them down to the dungeon where hs is joined by FoXy and Chris, who give add a humorous angle for the introduction to Dungeon etiquette, and how to use the furniture/equipment safely and hygienically.

11PM – WORKSHOP:  Self Care with Master Dominic
We’re always told to look after our partners, but rarely make such an effort to care for ourselves. An essential part of navigating kink and fetish without burnout or unhappiness, this workshop is designed to shed some light on how to keep yourself in a healthy, happy place so you can enjoy your perversions positively. After care, kink/non-kink life balance and organisations there to help if you can’t get that balance right yourself will all be talked over in a lighthearted, warm way.

11.30PM – WORKSHOP:  Candle Play with Master Dominic
We all like it hot, but some like it hotter than others! A classic BDSM activity for good reason, candle play is a fun and easy way to start experimenting with sensation without breaking the bank or your partner. Starting with soothing massage candles and moving through to the more “ouch!” end of the candle spectrum, Master Dominic demonstrates things (or bits) to avoid, basic safety and some tried and tested product recommendations, so make sure to join him in the Red Room at 11.30pm.

12AM – PERFORMANCE:  Bambi Bang Bang
A fabulous Burlesque performance – Bambi Bang Bang is a multitalented glamazon with a tasty pair of vocal chords and her own cheeky brand of sexiness. She’s guaranteed to have you doubled over with laughter or hot under the collar.