START TIME:  9.30pm

TICKETS:  Buy online advanced tickets HERE!

HIGHLIGHTS:  Complimentary bubbly and nibbles for those who attend early, as well as informative BDSM Workshops and a Live Performance.  Make sure you arrive early enough if you wish to take advantage of our generosity.  There is also a fully licensed bar with reasonably priced drinks available all night.

DOOR PRIZES:  Come down early to be included in the draw!  Closes at 11pm sharp and the multiple winners are announced straight after the midnight performance.  Prizes this month include an amazing designer butt plug from Babes n Horny, a crystal plug from, a Bottle of Prosecco, and a few other bits and pieces…

MUSIC:  Banging tunes in the bar area courtesy of our resident DJ Blu, and more music down in the dungeon.

ROPE AREA:  Resident Riggers with a dedicated area for rope, both floor work and suspensions. Want to learn?  Our Riggers are more than happy to help show you the ropes (pun intended!).

VIOLET WAND AREA:  House Dominant Divine Domino may bring her antique Violet Wand set with her.  We highly recommend trying it out.

DEDICATED DUNGEON/PLAYSPACE:  Dungeon equipped with spanking benches, St Andrews Cross and various other pieces of play furniture, monitored and supervised by our friendly, responsible team of house staff who volunteer their time.  Please always clean any surfaces straight after use with the cleaning products supplied, and guests use the equipment at their own risk.

BOUDOIR AREA:  For when you need a time out, and later in the night for more intimate moments.

FORMAL CLOAK ROOM:  We now have a cloakroom, it is situated downstairs just off the main playroom, in what used to be the wetroom.  It is staffed, and there is a small fee to leave your items.  We ask that you utilise the cloakroom service, especially during busy events.  For more information please see our Cloakroom page.

Resident Rigger Chris has an informative chat on what it’s like to attend fetish events, what to expect, the behaviour that is expected from attendees, and an insight into basic BDSM protocol. He then takes them down to the dungeon where he is joined by FoXy, who then adds a humorous angle for the introduction to Dungeon etiquette, and how to use the furniture/equipment safely and hygienically.

11PM – WORKSHOP:  Consent & Consent Violation with Debs
Consent & Consent Violations: Hot potato at the moment and we all assume we know what it is. But what is it for you, and what is it for others? Therapist Debs, also an active submissive for 35 years, would like to question that with you. This isn’t just a workshop for beginners, it applies to ALL of us – anyone who practices sex, and all who engage in BDSM activities of any sort. Consent is broken every day, on every level, at every event. So come on guys, let’s get educated on this one and learn together! 🙂

11.30PM – WORKSHOP:  Intro to Rope with our Resident Rigger Chris
DVS Resident Rigger Chris shows you the ropes during his practical, hands on workshop to introduce you to the wonders of rope. Rope can be very rewarding – it is connective, creative, expressive and beautiful to watch, and there are few physical limitations that stand in the way of enjoying and indulging in this glorious activity. Chris’s workshop is definitely one you won’t want to miss…

12AM – PERFORMANCE:  Sakura Cyanide
To say we are excited to present February’s performer would be an understatement… Sakura Cyanide is madness personified! Inspired by their favourite music, Sakura creates lyrical Neo burlesque routines combining a strong rhythmical drive with a savage character injection. Drag inspired, kinky, queer cabaret, full of circus tricks with a hard edge. Described as ‘more likely to break your neck than your heart’.