Things to be aware of:

* Everything on the Newbies page.
* Our team all wear brightly-coloured armbands with their name and role, and all our crew are VERY approachable.
* There is now a dedicated cloakroom, but please be aware of your belongings and keep your cloakroom tickets safe.  Anything of any value please leave at home. DVS and the Dutchman are not liable for any loss or damage to property left in the venue.  Cloakroom prices – £1 per item, only one check in. £3 per item, unlimited check ins.  See Cloakroom Policy page for more details.
* Our photo policy – there are NO photographs to be taken by patrons.  We have official photographers who are more than happy to take your photo, just ask.  These photos go onto our website, so please don’t have your photo taken if you’re not happy for the images to be added to our website albums.  People in the background will be blurred out.
* Extreme Play – If you are considering playing hard at one of our DVS events, do the right thing and inform a Dungeon Monitor / House Dominant, or one of the DVS Management Team (Master Dominic, FoXy, Shreena or Goddess Cleo) BEFORE you begin your scene.  If it is busy then we suggest you aim to pay during quieter times, especially if you need a bit of room around you (for example for swinging impact items).   
* If you experience or witness anything you’re not entirely comfortable with, please speak up immediately!  As a first response, we recommend respectful, on the spot communication with the person/people involved.  Alternatively, if this is not possible then alert any one of our armband wearing crew straight away, so that it can be advised upon or dealt with immediately on the night.  Delaying informing us of issues means it becomes more difficult to deal with things efficiently and effectively.  So please let’s try to deal with anything that may come up on the night – we run inclusive events that promote tolerance and education, so if we are able to help educate and inform people who simply may not realise they have done something they shouldn’t have, we all benefit long term.  
* We want you to enjoy your time at our events.  Please be aware that our events often host a number of new and inexperienced patrons who, initially, may not fully understand how things work and be fully versed in the correct protocol that is expected of them.  We were all new once!  So whilst we aim to educate and inform newbies who attend our events, we aren’t able to get to every person, every single time.  As a community, we can all partake in the role of welcoming novices, and help to educate them so that they join our community as well-informed kinksters.  The more, the merrier, right!
* By engaging in any form of consensual play activity, each individual acknowledges they are responsible for their own and their partners’ safety, both during and after playing. Players are also responsible for ensuring the safety of others around them, either by alerting a DM to corden off an area for energetic impact play, or by providing their own disposal source for items such as used sharps.
* Cleaning products and garbage bins are provided for disposal of regular rubbish so that players can clean up after themselves, so after each use please give furniture a spray and/or wipe down, and any other surface that may have been tainted.  
* Individuals are responsible for negotiating their own activities. We do not condone playing whilst intoxicated or under the influence of any enhancers, please play responsibly.

We are always looking for ways to improve things, so if you have any concerns or suggestions, please drop us a message via the Contact page.  

Thank you for your continued support and patronage!