Club DVS owes its continued success to the generosity of our hard working team of Deviants, who donate their time to help keep all our attendees safe, and assist with the smooth running of the night.

On duty at each event we have reputable House Dominants, responsible Dungeon Monitors, talented Resident Riggers, and super friendly Ambassadors.  All our staff are very approachable, they are immersed in the London fetish scene in one way or another, and truly care that all attendees have a positive experience.


Meet the Crew!


Alpha Female. Quietly confident. Delightfully Dominant. Decidedly direct.  Like a Boss rather than like a bully, with a penchant for leading by example….  Completely immersed in the lifestyle as well as professional. Also known as the StrapOn Queen…..

She is exceptionally busy living and loving her BDSM lifestyle, and particularly enjoys spending time with respectful kinksters, be they female, male, newbie, experienced, Dominant, submissive, or any variation in between. Orientation is not important – personality and integrity, however, certainly is.

“They say you should find a job that you don’t need a holiday from, well that is precisely what I have done.” – Goddess Cleo.

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@Goddess_Cleo – Twitter



Our resident Urban FoXtress; an integral part of the DVS team.  She has many facets: Masochist, little, loyal friend, switch….  She’s here to help, and revels in doing so.  FoXy has been into the lifestyle since 2014.  She’s a sociable little thing who simply loves meeting new people, especially newbies, as she feels such an intense connection with them.  She is fun, friendly and very approachable, and as like most foxes, she simply loves to play.

“I’m a sociable little fox and I’m here to help no matter what your issues.  I’m fun, friendly and always willing to listen, so please do come say hi!” – FoXtress.

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You will meet the delightful Shreena because she will be your very first vision of loveliness as you enter the Club DVS venue.  She is most easily recognised by her small stature and giant brown boobs.  Treat her with the utmost respect, she has the power to decide whether you will be joining us for an evening, or not…… 😉

A lifestyle service submissive who loves evil Dom(mes) and “little” play (hence the nickname “Teena”),  she has spent several years as “Organisatrix” for an LGBT charity, goth meet-up, and film company, and is a super helpful and valued member of the Club DVS Team.

“BDSM comes in many shades and shapes; you are unlikely to see me bent over a spanking bench or bound up in rope, but I have found a niche that fits so perfectly with the rest of my beliefs and lifestyle: being a very obedient and useful girl.” – Shreena.

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DJ Blu has been involved in the fetish scene for the past two years, having met some lovely, caring and genuine people along the way. She is an open-minded switch that loves to please, and thrives off meeting new like-minded kinksters not unlike herself. Don’t let her tough, hard look deceive you, she’s really a big teddy bear, always willing to help others and give back to a community that has welcomed her with open arms….

“It’s all about evolving and learning from each other..having an open mind in accepting each other’s good and bad, my journey in kink is about having the freedom to 100% please the people I have in my life.” – DJ Blu.

@Anahtar_now – FetLife



Max by name, Max by nature, this gentleman really does live life to the Max!  Realising his inner desire and passion for kink, he loves nothing more than playing with like minded souls.  Sensitive to the desires of his play partners, Max is both caring and powerful in equal measures, creatively transporting them way beyond their preconceived boundaries and on to dizzying heights of sensual pleasure.

He’s an honest, genuine and safe person who always looks forward to new experiences, new connections and new friends, and watching him play is somewhat akin to poetry in motion. Plus, he’s pretty easy on the eye as well, having dabbled in the male modelling world….

Oh yes, when appropriate I am caring and sensitive, caressing not overpowering, and then some.  I live life to the Max – I work hard but I’d rather play hard” – Max Long.

@Physical_Culture – FetLife



Specialising in foot worship, CBT and strap-on play, Mistress Sparkly has been on the London scene since 2009 and is a sadistic yet caring, sensual Domina.  She enjoys guiding people and gently helping them discover more, not just about themselves, but also about their deviant nature during their own fetish journey.  Mistress Sparkly loves to watch people discovering new thrills and seeing them go weak at the knees for her beautiful feet….

“I can often be found at London events, and I am proud to be a Dungeon Monitor at DVS, Toppers and Pedestal.  Feel free to introduce yourself.” – Mistress Sparkly.



A scene regular since 2013, Mr Box remembers all his first times, like his first event, his first scene, and therefore loves to help anyone new.  He attends and plays at many London clubs and sometimes also travels further afield.  He likes his BDSM to be fun and adores impact play, especially receiving but occasionally also giving.

He loves bottoming for new Mistresses when they want to give it a go, and as a Top he relishes introducing new people with a enjoyable gentle session.

“I’m a switch, but I’d describe myself as 90% submissive and 10% Top, although recently my topping side is coming out more.” – Mr Box.

@MrBox – FetLife



Relatively new to the scene, domme tgirl and bootlover Vikky absolutely loves to hear the sound of good impact play, especially when she is on the wielding end of one of her collection of toys in a friendly dungeon. She is friendly, enthusiastic, caring and very approachable, and loves nothing more than meeting people and socialising.  Sensitive and empathetic with newbies, she likes to ensure that they enjoy an experience that they won’t soon forget.
“I love the LGBTQ+ inclusivity at Club DVS as I have occasionally experienced judgemental attitudes at some other clubs.” – Vikky Wilds.
@vikkywilds – FetLife



Very much obsessed with all things rope, Chris has been involved with Shibari in London for the past 3 years, having learnt from the brightest stars in London and around Europe.  Equally at home with floor work and suspension, technical, sensual or sadistic rope, Chris is also super keen to pass on his skills and knowledge, and introduce newbies to the wonderful connectivity of rope work. If you’re someone who wants to learn the basics, something more advanced, or who just wants to see what all the fuss is about with Shibari, Chris is the man for you!

“I’ve been a kinkster for all my adult life, and for some time before…” – Chris

@Vibrating_finger – FetLife



For Opalfruit, the pleasure of rope lies in connecting with the person and delivering an experience, whether that’s caressing them sensually with the rope, restricting mobility and movement or being mean and sadistic.

He has been doing Kinbaku and Shibari for over 6 years and has developed his own unique style.  He has learnt from multiple Japanese Masters and top UK and European riggers, and is heavily involved in organising multiple rope events in both London and Birmingham. He has also been teaching rope for the past 4 years, and is keen to pass on his knowledge whether it be the basics, floor work or helping more experienced riggers to do suspensions.

Ask him about his addiction to hugs, rope and most importantly about his famous, world renowned rope game (Opalfruit’s rope twister).

Rope should be fun! One should knot get tied up with all the technicalities, come over and say Hi and I’ll show you rope is a cinch, I’m a frayed knot everyone will get it the first time but if at first you don’t succeed tie tie and tie again.” – Opalfruit.

@Opalfruit – FetLife


Mune – Resident Rigger 

Mune, pronounced MooNay, I’m the youngest of the riggers at DVS, honest!
learning rope since 2015, for about 18 months I did nothing else but practice, workshops, here, Andalusia, Berlin. Eventually even being asked to perform at Anatomie and the Slapstick Club.

I came to rope from the BDSM world, I think of it as sadistic glee; strict AND fun. So many ways to enjoy rope ; From hurty seminawa (torture or suffering) to comfy hishi (them pretty diamonds, like being tied into a hammock- apparently).

Suspension seems to be the pinnacle for tying and being tied, I love getting messy on the floor as much as inverting you in the air.
Tying someone who’s never been in rope, exciting for both parties; the unknown and not knowing how they will respond.

@Mune – FetLife

Come meet our gorgeous team on Twitter: https://twitter.com/UKClubDVS/lists/team-dvs/members