Welcome to Club DVS

Kinksters are a hospitable bunch, and we aim to demonstrate this by offering a warm, inviting, inclusive and very friendly space for like-minded deviants to meet, play and be comfortable exploring their kinks and fetishes.

Our inaugural Launch Party is set for Saturday 17th June, kicking off at 8.30pm with complimentary bubbly and canapes, offered by our wonderful Hosts and Hostesses.  Come on down and join us for a fun introduction to the newest fetish event in London!  Meet friends, make new connections, socialise, explore, play, and basically just have a lot of fun!

With so many venues closing down, and a few of the London fetish events slowly disappearing, we invite you to support our initiative and keep the fetish scene of London alive and flourishing, whilst at the same time encouraging newbies and first timers to learn and experience the wonders of BDSM in a supportive, tolerant environment.  Attending your first fetish event can be a daunting experience;  not knowing what to expect, not realising how friendly and welcoming we actually are, not knowing how valuable consent and respect is on the fetish scene.

We hope you’ll join us for an enchanting evening of socialising, playing, connecting and learning….  See you on the 17th!