CONSENT is very important, and many non-consensual activities are actually against the law.  There’s already a fine line with BDSM activities, and without consent, a “player” becomes a perpetrator, and a perpetrator becomes a criminal,  We don’t want that – not at all!  

As a starting point, DO NOT touch, hit, grab, grope, hug, kiss or otherwise violate anyone without receiving their full, enthusiastic consent beforehand.  Silence is not considered a form of consent.  If someone is gagged and unable to speak, they probably CAN NOT consent.  If someone is frozen in shock, they CAN NOT consent.  If someone is passed out, they CAN NOT consent.  Always receive enthusiastic consent beforehand – why would you want to indulge in something with someone who was less than enthusiastic and had to be talked into it?

Understand that NO MEANS NO, and when you receive a no, do not keep pushing or begging for a yes.  Saying NO once should be enough, any more than that, and they are not listening.  And if they are not listening to you with the simplest things, they aren’t going to listen to you with anything more complex.  It’s time for a reality check….

If someone touches, hits, grabs, gropes, kisses or otherwise violates you in any way, and you have not explicitly and enthusiastically consented to this beforehand, please call RED very loudly and a member of the DVS Crew will be with you as soon as is humanly possible.  Alternatively, please seek out a crew member and report the incident ASAP so that it can be dealt with on the spot.  We thank you for your help with this!

Communication is always the best way to deal with anything, and explaining things often helps people to understand their actions aren’t acceptable.  If someone does something to you that you aren’t entirely comfortable with, please take the opportunity to explain this to them and attempt to educate them on the behaviour and actions that have led to this.

If someone tells you that you’ve done something to make them feel uncomfortable, try to take a step back and not immediately become defensive.  Instead, take a moment and put yourself in their shoes in order to understand things.

to be finished….