There is now a dedicated cloakroom at The Flying Dutchman, but please always be aware of your belongings and keep your cloakroom tickets safe.  We ask that you check in your items, especially during busy times, as space is at a premium.  Anything of any value please leave at home.  DVS Events and The Flying Dutchman are not liable for any loss or damage to property left in the venue. 

£1 per item, only one check in/out. 
£3 per item, unlimited check ins.  

The £3 unlimited check in/out means you can check in your coat/bag and go back as many times as you need to get something – for example if you want to wear your coat to the smoking area.  Just ensure you keep the cloakroom ticket attached to the item, and you always have your cloakroom ticket number with you each time you collect it.

The £1 one-time check in/out is for items you just want to leave and collect once, for example check in your coat when you arrive and collect it when you leave.  If you have a £1 check in/out and you go back to collect your item, you will need to pay again if you wish to check it back in.

Bags – one ticket per bag, regardless of size.
Coats/Jackets/Scarves/Cardigans/Jumpers – one ticket per coat hanger. Can hang multiple items on one coat hanger, within reason (this is at the discretion of the cloakroom attendant).