Whilst we do request that you “DRESS TO IMPRESS”, we would still like you to be comfortable. That’s what is most important…

A minimum of all black attire is acceptable, especially for newbies, but also perfectly acceptable is black tie, LBD, cocktail attire, tuxedo / top hat and tails, ball gown, 3 piece suit, matching dark 2 piece suit, masquerade ball, 40’s, 50’s styles, flapper, dapper, gangster, think clothing you wouldn’t normally wear on an everyday basis (unless you’re an actor or fancy dress restauranteur). “All black” also includes footwear, so whilst we’re not trying to be fashion police, bright or light coloured shoes do not make the cut for an “all black” outfit.

We also accept smart business attire (to clarify – dark trouser and suit jacket set must at least match/complement each other.  Note: whilst you won’t be required to wear your jacket and/or tie all night, ideally you should keep it on if you’re not engaging in play).  All types of fetish attire, especially latex, pvc, leather, corsetry, vintage lingerie, Victoriana, SteamPunk, semi-Birthday Suit (please bring a g-string/jock strap, and pasties/tit tape, mesh, or something similar to put on you for the bar area), among other things 🙂  Regular Lingerie is acceptable, as long as it matches/complements and is clean.

The only thing we ask is NO DENIM, except for jet-black jeans (as long as the rest of the outfit is dressed up), and no regular casual street clothing aside of black will be accepted.  Remember – we want you to make an effort, not simply walk in off the street…

The reason we have these dress codes is because it’s a fact that it’s a little easier to dress femme for a fetish event than it is for non-binary and masc presenting, and we recognise this; not everyone is into leather trousers, or full-on fetish attire.  So peeps, if you wear jet-black denim jeans then please make an effort with the rest of your outfit.  We can recommend CyberDog in Camden, they have some great shirts that are suitable. Amstatik, Lady Lucie Latex and Atsuko Kudo create incredible latex outfits as well.  We also recommend What Katie Did for underwear and corsetry.


Explaining the Dress Code:

MINIMUM ALL BLACK – what does this mean?  It means you can wear an outfit that is black, irrespective of the material it’s made of.  However we do have a few items that are excluded from this (see list of exclusions below).  The following is an inexhaustible list of items that apply to the dress code, in black:

Top Half – In black, any style of top or shirt, for example t-shirt, polo shirt, singlet/vest, collared shirt, long sleeve, short sleeve, zip front, button up, button down, suit jacket, suit vest, and any other item you can wear on your top half such as a harness, bra, lingerie, the list goes on – if it’s black and you can wear it, it’s most likely to be acceptable.  The clothing can come in a variety of materials such as mesh, leather, vinyl, pvc, latex, rubber, as well as cotton, polyester, and other everyday clothing materials.  Emblems and prints on shirts are ok, as long as the shirt it’s not printed entirely over the shirt, it should still be predominantly black.  If wearing a suit as per the dress code, a white shirt is acceptable in this instance, as are braces.  Braces on their own are also perfectly acceptable! Even better if they can be adapted to cover your nipples if/where applicable…

Lower Half – In black; trousers (any style, any fabric, including but not limited to suit trousers, latex, cotton, denim, polyester, leather, vinyl, pvc, mesh, etc etc), pantyhose, stockings, tights, leggings, skirt, kilt, boxers, briefs, thong, G-string, lingerie, any black shoes including black trainers, etc, etc.

Exclusions to the Minimum All Black Policy – We do not accept any street wear items that are considered less than smart casual, so for example jogging bottoms, fleeces, baggy jumpers, baseball caps, yoga pants, gym clothes, any denim other than dark black, white gym trainers, plain onesies, and other casual street wear.  We ask that you make an effort!

FETISH WEARwhat does this mean?  It means any items you can wear that falls into the “Fetish” category.  Fetish wear is generally items that you wouldn’t wear when out on the street during the daytime.  Having said that, some people do dress in fetish wear as part of their daily wardrobe (bravo, more power to them!) so to clarify, here are some examples:

Any item of clothing or BDSM style accessories/items or body covering (for example a body harness) made of the following materials: Leather, latex, rubber, vinyl, pvc, mesh, metal, spandex, plastic, nylon, fishnet, steampunk, Victorian, uniforms, tape, body paint with thong & pastis, nipple tassles etc.  This also includes collars and cuffs (and leashes).

Please note – Fetish wear is not restricted to the all-black policy – Fetish wear can be any colour, and that includes your footwear!

Also – while military outfits are allowed, Nazi regalia/insignia is not permitted at Club DVS; this is not negotiable and the management’s decision is final.  



Anything in black that tickles your fancy, pretty much (aside of casual street wear along the lines of those listed on the exceptions list)!  Black shirt, black top, black trousers, black jeans, black skirt, little black dress, long black dress, cross dress, black leggings, underwear (jocks, shorts, boxers, g-string/thong, lingerie, jock strap, etc), corset, uniform, dark/black suit (& tie), dinner suit, cocktail attire, dark or black shoes, diamante shoes… We will also accept genuine combat wear as long as it is the full outfit, and dark office suits as long as the jacket and trousers match/complement each other.  Formal wear is also acceptable – feel free to dress to impress!



There is no dress code for DVS LITE, wear whatever you like.



There is no dress code for DVS Kink Lab, wear whatever you like.



Casual, smart casual, business attire. We have our own area but this event is held in a vanilla venue, so you are welcome to dress fetishy but please keep it fairly discreet, and there is absolutely NO NUDITY whatsoever.