Superseding our expectations with the DVS launch.

Whenever a new event opens its doors for the first time there’s always an element of anticipation around how the evening may turn out. And our Launch Party held on Saturday 17 June was no exception….

A great deal of planning and coordinating went into Club DVS, and it didn’t take long for us all to realise we had the right mix of activities, people and venue. We are happy to say our expectations were not only met, but they were exceeded during our Launch Party.

By midnight the room was completely packed, and what was most surprising – unusual, even – was that at least half, if not more, of the number of people who joined us were female.  People from all walks of life, with a variety of interests, took time out of their weekend to join us.  We are thankful to each and every one of them, it truly was a great night!  And if all the feedback is to be believed, we understand that everyone had a great time and “the vibe was amazing” – socially buzzing, very friendly, and there was lots of fun.

Our proudest achievement though, is the amount of people, of all genders, who commented, telling us how welcoming and safe they felt the event was. Our Monitors and Ambassadors kept their eyes on all areas of the venue, making sure everyone was being respectful and no one felt out of place or uncomfortable.

While fun is, of course, important, our highest priority is the safety and comfort of our attendees, and it really did feel as though our team did a tremendous job watching the rooms so that everyone could soak up the atmosphere and enjoy themselves.

A highlight was the two workshops with Mr Dominic during the evening, each time the room completely packed out. The first workshop – Newbies Intro & Guided Tour, was an informative class for people new to the scene, and had people laughing and learning in equal measures. Later in the evening the first gave our kinksters more hands on education in to the finer details of how to make contact.  Both workshops were very popular and we will most certainly be holding more at our future events.

Another highlight was at the stroke of midnight Cleo announced the beginning of birthday celebrations of our very own Club DVS Ambassador and Hostess FoXy, with not one but TWO cakes! It’s safe to say FoXy had a wonderful birthday that night.

The canapes were offered by our two beautiful Hostesses and were gobbled up very quickly, so we can only assume everyone enjoyed themselves, along with the free bubbly that was served by our two handsome Hosts. The downstairs was packed with people working their magic on some very happy receivers.

We had a great deal of fun putting the Launch Party together and we are pleased that those who attended seemed to have had even more fun being a part of it.

We cannot wait for the next Club DVS on 8th July. We hope to see you there to help us celebrate Pride in a way that only DVS attendees know how…

Until then…

Club DVS Team